Our Story

Michael & Caterina met in 2010 during their second year of AmeriCorps in California.  During that time they became friends and decided to thru-hike the Florida and Appalachian Trails after they finished their last year of service.  Instead of simply hiking, they created a fundraising campaign called Hike for Honey and raised nearly $2000 for four animal shelters from Florida to Pennsylvania.  The creation of Hike for Honey was inspired by their dog Honey Bunny, who was found covered in ticks and cigarette burns on Interstate 5 in Oregon.  Thanks to good people and great shelters, Honey, was rehabilitated and happily hiked all 1700 miles with them.


On the hike, they spent everyday together and realized they were not only in love but had a common vision to create farms and build community.  When they decided to move to Humboldt County, they found a perfect place and founded Fresh Roots Humboldt.


Now, Fresh Roots Humboldt, is not only known for Lawn Care and Landscaping services, but we have branched out to garden and landscape design as well.  We have also created an organic Urban Berry Farm and specialize in blueberry, strawberry and raspberry production.  We have chickens, nano-CSA's available and an urban farm stand from June through September.


For Michael and Caterina, growing with our community is one of the most important parts of our relationship and it makes us berry happy!

 Michael is an outdoor enthusiast who became inspired to create sustainable landscapes after receiving his degree in environmental policy from the University of South Florida.  His passion for community development motivated him to serve two years of AmeriCorps and help to preserve landscapes that support salmon and salmon reliant communities.  Michael is an innovative project designer and develops backyard chicken coops, rainwater catchment systems and designs gardens of all sizes. He enjoys volunteering his time as a Certified Master Gardener and holds a Permiculture Design 

Certification. Michael loves farming food, potlucks and string bands.

Caterina discovered her love of food and and farming  at an early age creating food for natural and raw food restaurants in New England and Canada.  She realized that food policies were an integral part of accessing affordable high quality food and proceeded to study agricultural policy and women's studies at the University of British Columbia. Her passion is in community and economic development and she has worked with many organizations to create strong, vibrant and healthy communities.   Caterina has co-authored We Have a Voice: An Anthology of African and Caribbean Writing in BC, WWOOFed in Jamaica and Washington State, and served two years in AmeriCorps. Caterina currently holds a certification in Permiculture Design and is persuing a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. She is an avid hiker, loves bluegrass music and loves local food.

Honey Bunny holds degrees in Eating, Sleeping and Project Supervision.  She can also be found playing, hiking and cuddling in her bed.  She loves sunshine and has devoted her life to not doing much at all.

Lazy is our ever present Project Manager! Rescued  from the ally behind our Urban Farm, Lazy has been "watching" over our chickens for the past few years.  He keeps Honey Bunny on task and reminds us he needs feeding every morning at 5 am.