Urban Farm, CSA, and More!

Nestled along the sunny city street of McCullens Avenue in Eureka, Fresh Roots Humboldt Urban Farm offers an array of food, knowledge, and innovation. For the past few years we have transformed this unasumming home into a wealth of food productivity and a space for others to learn the knowledge and skills needed to feed their minds' and bodies'.

Urban (Nano) CSA
    Fresh Roots Humboldt offers Nano CSAs for those who wish to support local farmers and energetic interns. Due to our location, an amazing orographic affect occurs bringing us a Blue Lake Effect that allows our farm to plant many warm weather corps you may not normally be planted along the North Coast. Hence, Fresh Roots Humboldt has the ablity to offer crops like those from an inland farm with less travel and carbon footprint. 

What We Grow!


    Kale     Lettuce   Chard     Basil 


  Onions  Egg Plant  Popping Corn


 Garlic    Tomatoes    Runner Beans  

  Carrots   Sunflowers   Blueberries


    Leeks  Radishes  Strawberries  


      Sage  Lavender  Thyme


    Asparagus Blackberries Beets 


      Artichokes  Broccoli  Cabbage  


    Romanesco  Raspberries 


  Free Range Eggs     Chickens


 Cutting Flowers Calendula  Turnips 


       Apples  Bush Beans  Peas  


    Summer and Winter Squash 


  Cucumbers    Potatoes    Spinach  

Our Passion


  Fresh Roots Humboldt believes that community is key! 















       We support many worthwhile community endeavors and will continue to increase our giving to these amazing organizations and many more as we grow as a company and as a family!


Help us as we help to grow our community.


Michael and Caterina have volunteered on many farms and hope to pass this wonderful experience on to others. 


About WWOOF:


Visitors, or ‘WWOOFers’, spend about half a day on a host farm, learn about the organic movement and sustainable agriculture, and receive room and board - with no money exchanged between hosts and WWOOFers. WWOOF is an educational and cultural exchange program. WWOOFing is a way to learn practical farming skills, be part of the organic agriculture movement, and experience the heart of American agrarian culture.


What we are looking for:


Highly motivated individuals that are willing to learn about food production in an urban context.


All experience levels are welcome!


This person will:

  • Build low impact rainwater catchment systems

  • Develop outdoor veggie wash stations

  • Maintain farmers market booth & CSA

  • Plant, harvest & preserve food (freezing, canning, drying & smoking)

  • Glean Farmers Market for Food Bank

  • Teach gardening, DIY & cooking classes to community youth groups



What we offer:


  • Breakfast and dinner 5 days/week 

  • 4 days on (4-6 hrs/day), 3 days off

  • Private room

  • Wireless Internet


How to apply:


WWOOF is a non-profit network that connects millons of people around the world to organic farmers.  Please visit the site at: https://www.wwoofusa.org/Join to register and then please contact us through the site.  We are currently only accepting applicants that are registered WWOOF members.